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If you were going to get an animal.

Would be a cat, dog, some other fuzzy animal, bird or reptile?

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  1. franklinclinton answered: REPTILE, BRO. THEY’RE COLD.
  2. happyslappyheropup answered: DUCK
  3. marysunderlands answered: A bunny. Bunnies are awesome.
  4. floatingbutt answered: Obviously, I’d get another bunny.
  5. followingdemons answered: A dog.
  6. oohmisterbarrett said: a cat. low maintenance and ridiculously cute.
  7. juleswinnfieldhasleft answered: whoops, i replied instead of answering in this section. but i still stand by my answer.
  8. juleswinnfieldhasleft said: a cat. i already have two of them in my own house, and i want another one.
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